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28. Petition

Teaser: In which the Ranger decides to petition the King, ignoring the Captain's misgivings.

WEAPONS MERCHANT INTERIOR Captain, Ranger, Weapons Merchant


Ranger: Even if I had the money, I shouldn't have to buy my own stolen armour back. Let's go petition the King.

Captain: I don't think... he's not...

Ranger: Come on, it's an open and shut case.

THRONE ROOM INTERIOR Captain, Ranger, King, Chamberlain

King's dialogue appears in villager style


Ranger: Your Highness, I--

King: PLAYER1, I need your help!


Ranger: I'm not PLAYER1. In fact, he's the one--

King: My crown has been stolen! Return it to me and I will reward you handsomely!


CLOSE UP King wearing crown, Ranger looking shocked with mouth hanging open