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35. Innkeeper

Teaser: In which Cheryl and Terry question the Innkeeper, and quickly reach the limits of his dialog.

INN INTERIOR Cheryl, Terry, Innkeeper


Cheryl: Do YOU sleep in the inn?

Innkeeper: What? Of course not, it's for guests.


Cheryl: So then, where DO you sleep?

Innkeeper: I... I... don't? I have to man the desk, in case guests show up.


Terry: You just stand right here, all the time? Like forever?

Innkeeper: I'm sorry, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I've wasted enough time chit-chatting already.


INN EXTERIOR Cheryl, Terry

Terry: That was weird, right?

Cheryl: That's the word for it. I don't think he's used to answering questions other than "How much is the room?" Like he's never even thought about anything else.