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43. The Right Question

Teaser: In which Cheryl continues questioning Pete, but doesn't ask the right question.

LOCATION EXTERIOR Captain, Cheryl, Crazy Pete


Crazy Pete: You aren't really asking me where I sleep, though, are you? You're asking where YOU sleep.

Cheryl: Do you know?


Crazy Pete: Oh, I know many things. But that's still not the right question.

Cheryl: So what's the right question?


Crazy Pete: Do you remember sleeping?

Cheryl: I don't understand, nobody remembers sleeping. You're asleep.

Captain: Of course you don't understand, he's talking crazy!


Captain: Come on, we won't get anything useful out of him.

Crazy Pete: In a crazy world, you have to be ignorant to stay sane. And you might just be the sanest man I know!