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8. Dunno

Teaser: In which the Captain attempts to question the villager further, and an old man shows up to break the fourth wall.

TAVERN EXTERIOR Captain, Terry, Crazy Pete


Captain: You don't remember how to get to your farm? When were you last there?

Terry: I don't know!

Captain: Do you have neighbours, someone we can ask?

Terry: I don't know!


Crazy Pete: That's cause your farm's not real, boy.

Terry: What?!


Crazy Pete: Your farm ain't real! Nothing beyond the walls is real! Even the town's only two weeks old!

Captain: Shut up Crazy Pete, you're not helping.


Crazy Pete: You'll see! Ha ha ha ha!

Captain: Don't listen to him, he's crazy. He told me there's somebody who looks exactly like me in every town. Ridiculous!