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39. Beds

Teaser: In which Cheryl finally succeeds in kindling the Captain's curiosity about the villagers' beds, or lack there of.

TAVERN INTERIOR Captain, Ranger, Cheryl, Terry


Cheryl: Nobody has a bed, nobody even has a house to put a bed in.

Captain: Don and--

Cheryl: Yes, except Don and Phyllis, but they bought in the 80s.


Terry: We even went and asked at the inn.

Captain: And?

Cheryl: Not only does nobody sleep at the inn, I don't think the Innkeeper DOES sleep.


Captain: Well this is shaping up to be a great day! A new mystery appears just as soon as we solved the last one.


Ranger: I still don't have my armour back, so you haven't--

Captain: We should go ask some people where they sleep.

Captain: Come on Ranger, another investigation!