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50. Meeting People

Teaser: In which Cheryl questions whether this was the Captain's first time meeting people, and how that could be possible.

TAVERN INTERIOR Captain, Cheryl, Ranger, Terry


Cheryl: Hey Captain, so when we were going around questioning people, it seemed like you'd never met any of them before?

Captain: Should I have?


Cheryl: You've lived here your whole life, right? Been Captain of the Guard for ten years? And you never talked to Karen or Susan?

Captain: I guess not.


Cheryl: You've investigated things before, right? Asked around like we did today?

Captain: Sure. I don't remember specifics, but I remember that I've done investigations.


Cheryl: This isn't that big of a town, you could meet everybody in a day.

Ranger: A couple minutes, actually. The Hero talked to everybody as soon as we got to town.